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Start Making Money with our New White Label Reseller Program

Concentric’s new Reseller Program is a unique and powerful compliment to existing Commissioned Agent and Affiliate programs. Our White Label Reseller Program can help you quickly achieve new revenue levels by enabling small businesses such as web consultants, small ISPs, Telcos, and IT VARs to sell Concentric patented hosting products to their customers as their own product.

Concentric’s White Label Reseller Program lets you:

  • Market directly to customers and own the relationship
  • Resell innovative enterprise service technologies including Perimeter Email Protection (PEP) and DNS Manager
  • Set your own retail pricing – you pay a wholesale rate
  • Give customers new levels of control with advanced security features
  • Provide Tier 1 customer support
  • Sign up as many customers as you want - adding new accounts automatically adds resources
  • Upload your branding and support information
  • Receive a single monthly bill that covers all wholesale charges with detailed reports on all hosting fees

The Concentric Reseller Program delivers the tools and applications your customers demand on a platform you can trust with no contract or minimum commitment. Sign up or call sales at 866.500.9696 to start selling Concentric products today.

Getting In Sync Gets Easier: Synchronize Your Outlook® with the New Concentric GroupWare Connector

Now you can access and manage your schedule, calendar, and Outlook® contacts away from your primary computer with the Concentric GroupWare Connector for Microsoft® Outlook®. An updated GroupWare Connector is coming soon that will automatically configure Outlook for simplified installation making it easier than ever to stay in sync. The GroupWare Connector delivers powerful GroupWare Collaborative features into the familiar Outlook interface and can be used in the GroupWare Personal Edition by users who want synchronization of their calendar, contacts, email folders, and more, with the Online Portal.

GroupWare Connector Personal Edition Features include:

  • Synchronization between Outlook and the Online Portal provides access to email folders, contacts, tasks, and notes from your computer or any computer with Internet access.
  • All Outlook data is backed up on reliable and secure servers should your computer fail, get lost, or stolen.

GroupWare Connector Collaborative Edition Users Additional Features include:

  • View availability of other GroupWare users within your organization and schedule meetings directly from Outlook
  • Access shared Contacts from the Global Address Book for emails and meeting invitations
  • Control access and view of your calendar
  • Create shared calendars and set permissions for others to view and update
  • Access all GroupWare Collaborative features though Outlook

GroupWare and the new Connector for Microsoft® Outlook® lets you:

  • Synchronize Outlook mail folders, contacts, and calendar between Outlook and your online Concentric Web Mail contacts and calendars for anywhere, anytime access
  • Select contacts from the Shared Contacts Address Book and send emails or meeting invites
  • Simplify scheduling by viewing availability of individuals and schedule meetings in Outlook
  • Set up Personal and Shared calendars
  • Manage Notes and Tasks and organize them into lists
  • Publish one or more calendars to your website

Collaboration Mode and the Connector are free during the Beta period. Afterward, the Connector will be included with GroupWare Collaborative Edition for just $5.95 per-user/month or available in the GroupWare Personal Edition for just $2.00 per-user/month.

Beta testing on GroupWare will continue for the next several months and users will be notified 30 days before the end. Master, Domain, or User Administrators can enable the Collaborative mode in the Concentric Center by selecting Outlook Connector Beta under the Applications sub-tab under Calendar. For users wishing to remain in Personal mode, administrators can activate the Connector by changing permissions on the GroupWare settings page under the Manage sub-tab under Users. While there’s no phone-based support available during the Beta period, you’ll find extensive FAQs and an installation guide on the GroupWare Connector page in the Concentric Center.

Your feedback is always welcome. Please go to the Tools sub-tab in the GroupWare sub-tab and select “Feedback” to give your opinion and insight to the product management team.

Knowledge Base—an Innovative New Online Support Channel

We’re very pleased to announce a valuable new tool now available in the Concentric Center. When you login to the Help Center, you’ll find FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) have been replaced by the new Knowledge Base, a centralized repository of information about Concentric products and how to use them. This innovative new resource is a 24×7x365 support channel that is always ready to answer your questions. It is easy-to-use and features articles and User Guides are organized for quick access and usability, and cross-referenced with a wide range of related information. And, we’ve made searching easier with our own high-powered search engine. Login to your account today and check out the new Knowledge Base!

Knowledge Base Features:

  • An index that allows you to sort categories alphabetically or by last article viewed
  • Index listing that expands or collapses categories for quick reference
  • Flexible article format for easy viewing with a separate pop-up window that includes a list of articles in that category as well as those of interest
  • Individual articles can be printed out or emailed
  • Articles can be rated on usefulness, providing valuable input for constant content improvement

Save Time and Space with New Junk Mail Delivery Option

Now you can immediately delete junk mail and save valuable disk space. Our newest junk mail delivery option is available for Standard and Premium Filter hosted mail customers or customers using PEP in conjunction with their own mail servers.

Junk mail delivery options include:

  • Inbox – Junk Mail messages are directed to your inbox.
    • Users selecting this option should also select Subject Modification which pre-appends the subject line of junk messages with the term [JunkMail] making them easy to spot, or rules can be created within an email client for customized handling of junk mail.
    • Users with Premium Junk Mail Filtering have the additional option of customizing the term that is pre-appended when using Subject Modification.
  • JunkMail (default setting) – Messages are quarantined in the JunkMail folder in Web Mail. This folder should be periodically reviewed and junk mail deleted as required or Auto-Expunge set to automatically delete Junk Mail older than a specified number of days.
  • Delete (NEW) – Messages are deleted permanently and cannot be retrieved.
    • Customers using JunkMail filters for the first time may wish to initially route junk to their JunkMail folder and check for mail incorrectly identified before enabling the Delete option.

To change Junk Mail Delivery options, from the Concentric Center, click BrowseMy ProfileEmailEmail Options.

Junk Mail filtering must be turned on to use this feature. To learn how to turn on Junk Mail filtering, login to your account in the Concentric Center and review the Knowledge Base topic: How do I turn on Junk Mail Filtering?

COMING SOON: DNS Manager Enhancements to Easily Manage Your DNS Resources

We’re pleased to announce a major revision to the DNS Manager that will let you conveniently manage DNS resources for all your domains in one central location with the convenience of a Web interface. The user interface has been improved with new record types added as well as enhancements to current record types.

The DNS Manager User Interface look-and-feel has been improved so that it’s easier and quicker to select the record type you wish to add or edit. For example after you open a zone file all the common record types are conveniently listen on the same page. Clicking on “Advanced Mode” displays all record types for the zone. Another enhancement is the Add page which now lets you go immediately to the View/Edit page and vice-versa.

New Record Types:

  • IPMAP (Reverse DNS Algorithm) – Conveniently configure PTR record types using a simple algorithm rather than entering the reverse pointer record for each IP one at a time.
  • SRV (Location of Services) – Identifies specific services on a host as well as the port the service is listening on. This allows administrators to use several servers for a single domain, easily move services from host to host, and designate primary and secondary host servers.
  • RP (Responsible Person) – Identifies the contact information and person responsible for the host.
  • HINFO (Host Information) – Acquires general information about a host such as CPU type or OS type.

Newly Enhanced Record Types:

  • NS (NAMESERVER) – Enhanced to fully support Nameserver forwarding, Reverse Nameserver Delegation, and Classless Reverse Delegation. You’ll no longer need the custom records PNS (reverse nameserver delegation) and P2317 (Classless Reverse Delegation).

The TTL option is for an individual entry within that record type. The default TTL, if not specified, is 10800 seconds (one day). TTL can be specified as low as 5 minutes to one (1) day.

Geographic Redundancy Now Available for Concentric DNS Nameservers

We now have DNS sites located in different parts of the country providing automatic failover and additional redundancy.

Consult the new Knowledge Base in the Concentric Center to learn more about these new capabilities. Concentric customer domains registered through Melbourne IT will be automatically updated to take advantage of this important new offering.